Monday, December 17, 2012

$25 should get you started...

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....On what, I have no idea.  So what am I talking about?  I have no clue, but it has to do with making money.  I have seen on Facebook and even in my own mailbox of people advertising for the following things:

  • List building
  • Traffic building
  • affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Marketing

And the list goes on and on.   I just saw this in one of my Facebook groups, for $25 you can process email.  As I read a little further, the Splash page (or ad for those who are less technical) said that if I post 3 ads a day on Craig's list this ad (or something similar to the ad) I can get $25 for each person who answers the ad, and that's it.  The highest they have netted in a day was $1800.  So what is the position?  It is a web-based customer service assistant.  Well that sounds simple enough, and with the first $25 you earn, you pay off your membership (which is what they are calling it), after you get an answer from someone who wants the same thing.   They will tell you where on Craig's list to send it.  No experience is necessary.  There is just one little problem:
I have a problem with Craig's list.  I guess it is OK, but lately, I have been hearing about people answering ads on Craig's list, and bad things happen after that.  Here in Ohio, 4 men answered an ad on the site, and three were killed, the 4th got away.  People have been robbed for answering ads and so forth.  Then I started looking into it further.  This is a job that requires you to do the following:

  • Have a premier Paypal account
  • $25
  • And work between 7 am -10 am for about 20 mins.

That's it.   You do not have to meet with anyone, and that is the main problem with Craig's list, the meeting part.  After you put down the $25,you will post the three ads daily, (they are pre-written and they will show you where on the site to post them), post them by 10 am, Monitor your Paypal account, then reply back to the people who pay you.
Now, the next question is, "pyramid scheme?" It does not sound like one.  You are only paying one person, and that is the person who posted the ad.  It is not like you are paying several people, and you keep on paying.  It is a one time thing, from what the ad reads,and I am reading from a Facebook group, not the actual ad. So I looked up the phrase to see what is it exactly.  Wikipedia, which is supposed to be reliable, but to some people is not the true sense of an actual encyclopedia (at least to my 16 year old nephew) said that a Pyramid Scheme is an unstable business model where people are promised goods and services primarily for getting people into the scheme.  They also say that you are promised to get rich, but the only people getting rich are the ones who are at the top.   Like I mentioned earlier, you are only paying $25 one time and that is it, but people are paying you that same $25, and everyone is processing 3 ads on Craig's list.
This is something I will have to look into further, and that is the main reason for me to post this article.  Think before you act.  This may turn out to be something good, and for you to bring in a little money, but then again, this may be something that you have see if it is worth $25.  
There are a lot of ways to make money, but some of them may be just pulling your leg.  I am not endorsing it, I was just curious, and I just thought I would review that curiosity.  If I decide to try it to see how it works, I will do another review on what exactly did I do and how I felt about it.
In the meantime, be safe, and if you do answer one of those Craig's list ads where you have to meet with someone, remember to meet in public, and bring a buddy.   There is always safety in numbers.   Be Blessed and Merry Christmas.
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