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My Craft Spot: DT Post by Gwen - Adorable Owl!


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My Ambiance Life: It’s our anniversary….


It’s our anniversary….

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Today, I share in an anniversary like know other.   I celebrated my 97th anniversary today.   OK, for those who have been following my blog posts on My Ambiance Life (formally known as My Blessed life) know that I was born in 1964, so how is it possible for me to celebrate a 97th anniversary, unless it has been 97 months since something in my life happened, or 97 days.  But 97 years?   How could that be possible?   Well let me explain…
It has been 97 years since a woman named Grace E. Steward gathered a group of children from the neighborhood for bible study, which eventually became Clair United Methodist Church, a church that I proudly attend and an active member of.  Most churches cannot say that, in fact many are closing.  I will not dwell on that fact, but it is true. My family has been a member of this church since my father retired from the Air Force in 1979.  
The service was wonderful.  Each year, a committee is formed, plans are made, the church put on its most festive dress (meaning we decorate it), an anniversary choir is formed, dinner is catered and food is served, and a guest preacher comes to speak.  This year, a former pastor of ours came to give the sermon, and it was beautifully done.  He and his family were there when my family joined the church some 37 years ago.  I withheld their names, because I did not get permission to publish the family name ahead of time.  I am like that.
There was another day celebrated in the life of the church.  It was one week, so long ago, that Jesus rode in on a donkey, people spread coats and palm branches on the road, and people waved palm branches in the air and shouted, “Hosanna”, “Hosanna” to him.  It had to have been a wonderful time.  What my church did today was the choir walked in with palm leaves, singing, formed a cross, and our pastor blessed the leaves.   It was time of a day of celebration.
Since the choir I sing in normally sings on the 2nd Sunday of each month, we elected to be the anniversary choir as well.  We invited the other choirs to have members sing in the anniversary choir as well.  What sadden me is that no one from the children’s choir sung in the choir.  Children are a vital part of the church, because it is sign that the church will continue on after the adults die.  Another thing that had me upset yesterday, was my choir president got upset and walked out before I got there.  The reason was that no one was there on time to rehearse, so she took it as a sign that no one was serious enough to practice.  In my personal defense, I was on the freeway going towards the church.  I am sorry that she had to get upset about it.  

In spite of the problems, we had a good day, today, and I would not trade it in for all the jelly beans in the world.  The lesson here it to celebrate the good times, muddle through the bad times, and celebrate some more.  It is a lesson, no matter what your age, gender, and race, sexually orientation, lifestyle, or belief can do, and take stock in.  No matter what you go through celebrate the life of a person, place, or idea.  I also had a chance of  attending the rededication/open house of my high school a few weeks ago, signed up to be part of alumni boosters club, and now I am preparing for a craft bazaar in a couple of weeks.   Nervous?  You bet but it will all be worth it, I am glad to help if it means a future doctor is in the works.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: The first day of April and spring has FINALLY Arrived

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Well, it is about time.  I finally get my spring day.  It is time for me to air out my house and get rid of the winter blahs.   Folks, if you live in the United States, you KNOW how winter was.  I do believe that this is the first winter I have seen where you could not escape the snow, the ice, and the cold, no matter what state you live in.  I will forever name this winter 2014 “ELSA” after the character in the movie Frozen.  Sorry for the spoiler alert, but if you have seen the movie, you will know that Elsa unleashes her powers and puts the town into a deep freeze, after getting into an argument with her sister Anna, and I think that is what happened here.   Of course, if you are a believer that God made the weather and everything else, like me, then you this weather may be part of end times, along with everything else that is happening.
Whatever you believe in (Mother Nature, Elsa, God), just know that spring weather is two weeks late, but better late than never, and I thank God for that.  Now the wind has picked up, but at least it is warm out.

So, I am going to leave you with a greeting.  I found this on the SITS girls website that I belong to.  Until then, Welcome April!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 reasons why I do not like to write…

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I do not like to write.  I have said it a dozen times and now I feel like I have to explain myself to you all.
1.       The first reason why I do not like to write is this stigma that you are only as good as the red marks on your school papers.  That seems to be true.  I am the #1 queen of the red mark papers.  I would get started on a thought, totally screw up the sentence, and the teacher would come behind me with his/her red pen.  I hated those pens, and if I had a second chance, I would have banished those red pens.  (Hummm, I would like to know how they grade now with all of this technology.)
2.      The second reason why I do not like to write is criticism.   Criticism can come in the form of not liking the subject matter to the style of writing, to that equal of the red pen marks.
3.      Third reason why is I am afraid that I will write about the same subject over and over again. 
4.      The fourth reason why I do not like to write is if I am stuck, I have nothing to write about, and if I do not have nothing to write about, you do not have anything to read.
5.      The fifth and finally reason why I do not like to write is….I LOVE TO WRITE.  I found that out when I started my journal a few years ago.  These are the reasons why.
a.       I overcame my first problem by first telling myself that I am no longer in high school, so therefore, I no longer have the red marks.  I found out that teachers have red pens to point out what a child has to correct, but the problem with that is when a child has a question, some teachers’ zone out, and never answer that child’s question.  The last two years of my high school was the most critical, but guess what people?  At that time, English was not a required subject to take.  I graduated in 1982 and according to the curriculum that I was given, I had choir, music theory, and a few study halls. I had really finished my schooling in the 11th grade.  Thank God they revamped the curriculum.  You learn by doing, and so it was practice make perfect or else.
b.      So people criticize, no big whoop there.  Well guess what, it is a big whoop if you want to monetize your blog, and you want readers.  That is what I have to tell myself, and I still tell myself that as I put fingertips to keyboard.  You have to know what you are talking about.  You have hold an interest to not just the person who has the same passion that you do, but to a person who is looked for something new to do.  It is not easy being a blogger.
c.       This brings me to the third problem…the same subject.  You have to know your subject, which some people call a niche.  Now if you are talking about coffee, and you love the taste, the aroma, and all things coffee.  Do not just have subject after subject about Starbucks.  It can get rather boring even for the people who worship Starbucks.  You may even get sick of writing about Starbucks.  If I was to start a blog about coffee, I would first introduce myself and my love of coffee, and why you should read about it each week.  Next post, I would talk about the beans and why it is important to have the perfect beans.  Next post, I would talk about the different types of coffee, and so forth.  When you get enough, a few friends told me about spinning it in a different way. 
d.      This bring me to the fourth problem…being stuck.  Now, in the last paragraph, I started talking about spinning the post.  There are different ways to do this, but to me the write (right) way is to take a piece of the parent post (original post), and elaborate on it to make a child post.   Again using “coffee” as our subject, say you could create a post about the different types of coffee; pod, whole bean, and ground.  You have 3 child posts from that one parent post.  Here is how…Your first post, you may talk about pod coffee and the different types of pods, and what machines uses that pod.  Next post would be about whole bean coffee.  You would talk about what to look for in a whole bean coffee and that you may want a grounder for that type of coffee and why.  The last post talks about ground coffee and what is the difference between the “real” stuff and instant.  Now you have 4 posts (the original and three child posts).  From that, you may be able to break it down further.   I will write more on how that is done at a later time.   DO NOT USE SPIN SOFTWARE! It will only make the Google gods mad at you, and cause your blog to shut down.
e.       Finally, do not just like writing, love writing.  If you are a freelance writer or just started out to be one, it can be the most reward thing to do, once you get started.  Research every subject, unless you are just writing for yourself, but research things anyway.  You do not want the wrong information to get out.  Even if it is how to spell a word.

 Pour your heart and soul into every piece, but give yourself time to relax.  You have the same rights as a musician (I do both, so I know), only you are a composer of words instead of music.  Having those rights means you follow rules and you are mindful of everyone’s works.  Know when a person is copying your work, because words cannot be duplicated if they come from the heart.   I say to you…WRITER, KNOW THYSELF.   

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How I write a post

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OK, I brought up a very important point in my last post on this blog.  It is something that some may be doing if they write a post or article and some may not.   I want to start out by saying there are many different ways to write a post, so I cannot say if mine’s is the correct way, I am just saying that this my technique for writing a post or article.  You have my permission to prepare to write this way or even modify it, just do not lay claim to is, just like I am not laying claim to all of it.  I am not sure if this is a proven method of writing or not. Again, this just works for me.
I have heard that the best ways to write is to just do it.  That may be true, but to me, there has to be some sort of prep work involved.  As I have said many times in my other blog, Simply Organized Crafts, everything has to start out with a plan, so to just start writing may work for some people, and at times when you are stuck for a topic, it does not work all the time.  This goes for any type of writing, rather you are writing for yourself, a blog, or a company.  Planning is the best method for me. 
Thought Process….
Before I put pen to paper (or in my case, fingertips to keyboard), I think about who I am writing too.  I have 5 blogs, each of them are unique (even the ones that sort of overlap each other), but to give you an idea, I have
            My Ambiance Life- That is this one, so I have to keep the writer in mind, give them ideas on what to write about, my thoughts on a subject pressing on my mind, or in the case of this post, how to write.
            Simply Organized Crafts-Ideas for the home, so I have to think about the organizer, the decorator, the person who runs their household.  I have been lacking in that department lately, so I need to reel it back in to that focus.  I also talk about technology for the beginner, the scared of technology, and the technology holdbacks. 
            P.Lynne Designs- papercrafting ideas, reviews of different machines, crafting techniques are what I write about in this blog.  Anyone who wants to know about them are welcome to take a look.  Again, I am lacking, but it is coming back around.
            Tricia’s Baskets- I am a direct selling consultant, so I am showing the consumer how to decorate with the products I am selling, talking about cooking with the products, recruiting and selling, and showing specials (which is all I have been showing lately.)
            Traveling to the Mouse’s House- is all about Disney, anything related to Disney, and traveling to other places (like my recent trip to San Antonio, TX).  I also show bargain tips to make the most out of your trip.  So, my audience are going to be travelers and travelers who are interested in Disney.
Once I think about where and to whom I am going to write to that day (or that moment), I think about the topic.  This is when I open up MS Word and plop down a title.  
I have been learning a lot about titles lately, and they say that a title has to be an attention grabber, like “Being a Consultant is not all it is Crack Up to be.”,   or “Babies are Very Critical.”, “How not to be a Mortimer Mouse.” (Hummm, those sound good).   Next, I just start writing.  If the writing requires research, I will do that too.  The one thing I will not do is edit.  At this point, I have not formulated a clear, cut post.  It is still raw.  If it is late, and I rarely do that anymore, because a girl needs her sleep, I will stop my post in Word, not Blogger or WordPress. 


The last process is the editing.  I will read it out loud for clarity, editing along the way, adding highlights and links (in Word).  The only I will not do is add an image, because images cannot cut and paste from Word.  Once that is done, then I will cut and paste the post into the blog platform (Blogger or WordPress). I have a Tumblr account, but have not created a blog there, just follow people.  Once it is cut and pasted, I preview it (without graphic images), to make sure everything in Word transfer over, because sometimes technology will not cooperate with you.  I also make sure it is pleasing to the eyes.  
The last thing is the image.  Depending on the type of post I have, I will place one to six pictures max in the post.  If it is an image and a video, it is just one still photo.   For tutorials, for every instruction, there is an illustrated photo to go with it.
Once it is done, I preview it again.   This time, I am checking to see if the images are placed right.

Sharing is caring…

Once I publish the post, I am not done.  I share the post to the following sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Sverve, Google +, and a couple of blog posting sites who have my permission to share my posts.   This is how you get traffic to you site.   So far it is working, but not fast enough.  If you are ever wondering why you are seeing only one or two hits on your site, not sharing could being the reason. 
Some tips:
  •             Have a memorable Title.   To have a titles like, How to shake your groove thing, does not cut it anymore.  It has to grab a person and make them want to read it.  
  • Once you have them, you have to keep them there.  Talk about your experiences with the subject, keep the subject in your niche (like scrapbooking), and make a call to action.  What is it do you want them to do, take away, or alert others about?
  • It has to flow from one point to another.
  • Edit.  You want spelling to be on point. (U does not spell you.) Do not depend on spell check too much, because it is not up to date, ask Google.   There are not enough people in the world to play catchup with the spelling.  Use common sense with sentences in ALL languages, not just the common ones. 
  •  Do share your posts.  This helps you when you want to monetize your blog, or if you want to guest blog.  People do not know who you are or what you are about if you do not share.
  •             Comment on other blogs.  There is a plugin called Comment Luv, and it is great.  I have not figured out how to put it on my blogger blogs, but when you comment on someone’s blog who has that feature, you enter your name, email address, and if you have a blog, your blog URL.  Once you do that, it will pull up the last post you wrote, and display it.  This is another way to get you post out there.
  • Finally, have fun.  This is not a thesis paper, it’s your blog, and your blog has a right to be here.  Take my method to heart, and you will have fun.  One final tip, and I mean it (this is IMPORTANT):  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT PAY SOMEONE TO GET LIKES, FOLLOWERS, AND FAVORS for your blog.  Most of them are fake and it will only hurt you in the end. It may take a while, but you will know a true like and follower when you see one.  They are sincere, take in every word you say, and bring in others without pay. Besides that, you are going to need that money for something else, like your Internet bill.

Be blessed.