Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2017 and Me….

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Some of the things I have done and have yet to do
again (like Disney and a Disney Cruise)
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This is my current status on Facebook:
One little thing about me and 2017.... I spend spent the better part of Mid 2012 to now just doing the status quo and not experiencing what this city and surrounding areas had to offer. Some of the blame was on my finances, others were on my health (especially the last 5 months), and other issues. My first resolution of 2017 (yes, I am making it early #dontjudge #itsagoodone) is to do, see, hear, and experience something new. It may not be new, but it is new to me. I want to write about that experience (some of you have seen my blog posts), and let you know my reactions. I may have one new experience or I may have several. I may even ask some of my local FB friends to join me. It may be a new store, eating place, a play I have never seen, or a new area in my city. I may even video tape it.
I already have one place in mind in September. Stay tuned on what I write and video about with that. Who knows what 2017 may bring with that. it may even inspire me with a new product line. I am still too young to not do this, and Lord willing this is going to happen. Who knows, I may even find a man out of this experience of mine. Stay tuned. #lifeistooshort

The reason why I said this? 
 Yesterday, my left ankle started hurting again.  I did not do anything that I normally do, but it got progressively worst.  By 3:00pm EST today, I found myself crying of pain and frustration, mostly of frustration.  I have taken my medicine since it was prescribed by my doctor, but at one point last night, I was thinking, “I can never do anything.”  This was a cowardly way of me being frustrated all the time.  Of course, I can do things, just not in the way that I want to, or what I am accustom to.  As a huge Star Trek Voyager fan, Seven of nine would say, “adapt!” (I will explain my fandom of the show later, and well as being a fan of the 1970’s show, The Bionic Woman). 
Fun Fact:  Lindsay Wagner was one of many women who auditioned to play the role of Captain Katherine Janeway.
You cannot give up….
This is what I keep saying to myself every time a new challenge rises up, and one of my favorite songs at the moment is a song by Andra Day called Rise Up.  It is basically a song about not giving up. I am not giving up just because my foot decides to act up.  The purpose of this 2017 resolution (and I am not really calling that because of what the word represents) is to do things never before experienced before)
True fact:  I have never been on a date before, not even as a teen.
Dating is so foreign to me.  I have ridden through different places in my city, but I have never really stopped in an establishment in that area before, not ever for pop, or to go to the bathroom.  I have never bought a home or a car.  I have rented a place, I am living in a rented place now, and all my cars have been used, including the one I had my accident in last year (it was my mom’s) and the one I am driving now (it used to belong to a friend of my dad).  It is not like I want a car note or a mortgage, to see what it is like to have someone look at strange because they feel like I do not belong in the area, or I want to make mad passionate love, it is just it never dawned on me before.   Yes, I have said, “what about me”, but I never strived to make it happen before. 
I have done some challenges before.  I do have my own business, but no one to share it with.  I am not a mother.  If I were to die tomorrow, most of my stuff would go to my parents, siblings, and my niece and nephews.  I have no will.  I have been living like a college student who constantly taking classes to stay away from life.  I do not think that what I wanted when I turned 18.  
So, in other words, I am making 2017 like it is 1983. Are you surprised that I am that old?  I have never been on a cruise before. 
So, what have I done with my life since I turned 18 (1982)?  I have had jobs and I have left jobs. I do live on my own, even though I left my parent’s home at the age of 34 (when my oldest nephew was 3 years old.)
What are some the things you have never done before?  Comment below your answer if you want to.
Whatever the challenge is in the past, make an attempt to do it in 2017, unless it may harm you.  Set out, and make a plan.  Don’t just start something without a plan.  Figure what is it going to take in order for you to achieve that goal.
In addition to the doing something new that I never done or seen before, I also want to up my writing goal.  I realize that until I am motivated, I am not going to do a post every day.  So, my attempt is to comment to once a week.  If I am in the mood or really have something to say, then my readers will see more than one post a week.

If you have gotten this far in my post, you have learned something new about me.  So thank you for reading this post.  I will write at you later.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Holidays and Welcome to December the last month.

Welcome To December and the holiday season
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This will be a short post and I cannot believe that we are 4 weeks away from the end of the year.  I cannot say that 2016 was an easy year for me.  I had many ups and downs, some I liked and some that I wished I never set eyes on. These included health issues and financial issues.  I would elaborate, but now is not the time for regrets.
December is a happy time.  Like Thanksgiving, it is a time for families, for faith, and for giving of one’s self to others.  December is the first month for winter, snow, and bundling up in either heavy blankets or layers of clothing (complete with socks, gloves, scarf, and a hat). 
December is the month of Hanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza.  If you happen to have a family that celebrates all three (rare but true), plus you were born on during the month, imagine how many gifts you can get during the month.  Don’t look at me, I was born in the month of July, and my family celebrates the holiday of Christmas.  I tried one year to talk my mother to attend a first day of Kwanza event, but she quickly reminded me that Kwanza did not celebrate the birth of Christ the King, so, I left it at that.
I cannot tell you that I love this time of the year.  I actually start playing Christmas music in the middle of November.  I start looking for my decorations and getting the house ready to receive its holiday wear.  I am a little late on that task, so I better hurry.  The reason why I am a little late is I am in the midst of organizing my house.  It calls for me to throw out some things, and prepare to pack away some things.  I cannot wait to bake cookies with my mom (I still do that).  I only went one day of black Friday weekend shopping, but I bought the things I was in desperate need of, and a blanket.  I will be doing online shopping this weekend.  I had my own products to sell this past weekend.  No orders, and I will have details of that in another post following this one.
I have a task for you.  During this time of the season (no matter what holiday you celebrate, all requires giving), please do the following:
·         Give more of yourself and less of the material things.  This includes teaching your children of the importance of giving, charity giving, and time giving at a shelter.
·         Try to pay for things with cash.  Too many people go into debt this time of the year.  Yes, a debit card is considered cash.  It comes from your checking account.  If you cannot get a debit card from your bank or credit union, consider getting one from Target (which is called the Target Debit Red Card), or Paypal.
·         If you do use a credit card, try to pay it off as soon as possible.
·         Talk to someone if you need help with anything.  No one is judging you. 
These tasks are optional of course, but it helps put things into perspective to remain as positive as possible.  The more time you can give to others, the less time you will spend dwelling on your own shortcomings.  No one is perfect.

Well, to that end I want to wish you the happiest of holidays.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanza.  I will throw in the Happy New Year part later on in the month.  Be well, be safe, and be you, boo.

Friday, November 18, 2016

New Blog, New Style, Again?

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Blog Prep  (c) 2016 Adobe Stock Photo
It has been a while since I last post anything on this blog.  I had a number of personal things I needed to take care of, and I had no time to write.  This is the only time I am mentioning this.
Today, I want to go back to a topic that I covered in the past.  I did not do a very good job of this topic because this blog at the time was all over the place.  I did not have any clear direction for it.  I was torn.  I wanted to write inspirational stuff, trending stuff, controversial stuff, and wrap it up in a neat little bow. 

Tip # 1:  Have some clarity in your blog posts.  You will gain the right followers with this tip.

The topic I want to cover for the next few months is Blogging 101: Patricia Style.  This is not necessary a series, and I am not going to cover it like a series.  I am also not going to give it a specific day either.  I have learned from myself that I am not disciplined enough to be committed to, say “every Monday afternoon, posting it by Tuesday morning so you can read it by Tuesday afternoon” type of a blog post schedule.  It will be consistent, at least once a week.

Tip #2:  Consistency is the key to gaining and keeping new followers.  Your followers will know what to expect and when to expect it.  If it isn’t there, they will turn away, and move on.

I have learned some things during my time off.  I learned that I was killing my blog, all of my blogs.  As you may or may not know, I have had at one time or another been working on 5 blogs.  You can read my past posts to find out that I boasted on that continuously, and was very proud of it too.  They were a lifestyle blog, a writing blog, a Disney blog, a crafting blog, and a Direct Selling blog.  I was on my way to creating the 6th blog when I became overwhelmed, and I was not keeping on schedule.  Here are some truths about why it was overwhelming.

With my lifestyle blog (Simply Organized Crafts), I felt like I had to cover everything from home to family to home decorating to travel to coupons and reviews.  It was too much and I was not focused on what I was doing.  Hey, after all, each subject worked so well together.  I will explain why in a moment why they did not.  With the writing blog (this blog), I explained earlier what I wanted.  You will have to read to the end to find out why it is not working either.  My crafting blog (P. Lynne Designs) is the most put together blog other than this one.  It is being moved to a WordPress format (as this one will be moved to in the new year).  It not only covers what projects I am working on, but it also covers products I have for sale on the website and in my Etsy shop.  Lastly, my direct selling blog (Tricia’s baskets) is all things Longaberger and how to decorate with their products and any items up for sale.  It has been my most disappointing blog because I list my sales, where to find them (which is on my website), and I have not gotten anything.  I think because Goggle stopped ranking it about two years ago (along with Simply Organized Crafts), and when you do not have a good ranking, people stop coming.  Now for the tip that leads me to stop being so overwhelmed:

Tip #3: stick to one or two subjects in your blog.  You know what to focus on, and keep from being distracted.  When you are distracted, so are your followers

Let’s look at my lifestyles and Disney blogs for a moment (they are both closed).  I mentioned that I covered everything from home to family, and everything in between.  This is one of the reasons for me to create the Disney Blog.  It was born from my love of Disney to traveling to Disney.  The problem with the Disney blog was I do not have money like that, meaning I could not travel to Disney World (the main Disney parks that I was covering) like I wanted too.  Where did I get all my coverage for Disney World?  The same as everyone else who travel every other year to the parks, through the internet.  I thought to myself, anyone who wanted to find out what was going at Disney World could look online or ask a travel agent.  I used to be a Disney Vacation Club member until 2006, but had to quit for financial reasons.  I may have to join again to cover my trip for next year.  I am in a better position to cover the expenses.

The second problem with the lifestyles blog was every time I would look at someone else’s well put together blog, I had to have it too.  The problem with that is you cannot go into a “me too” attitude when creating a blog.  The blog you want to create has to be a reflection of yourself, not others. When you see something that you absolutely think you need to make your blog spectacular, ask yourself this question, “is this a need or a want?”  It is the same question that organizers like Peter Walsh ask their clients in order to teach them how to declutter and not clutter the space again.  The blog technique you want, may look all nice and pretty and wrapped up like a present, but will it work for you?   Will you like your new blog at the end of designing it?

Tip #4: a blog does not need all the bells and whistles to bring in traffic.

In fact, you may be attracting the wrong traffic.  You may not like this audience.  You may be inviting trolls (people who write mean and nasty comments just to pump up their own ego or self-worth).  Starting off with a simple blog is just the ticket to gaining followers.
Also, ask yourself this question, “what are the top 5 things that attracted you to x blog?” (x meaning the blog you are looking at).  This will help you make a decision on what will drive your followers and keep them there.  You want engagement and you want comments.  Comments mean that someone is listening, even if it is just to say “hello, you gave me just what I needed to hear.”  This is not about you, but about attracting readership.  Not everyone is going to agree with you all the time, but you are also there to enlighten them and give food for thought, even if it is your grandmother’s 50-year-old recipe for homemade sweet potato pie.  Someone may write in the comments that it was the best sweet potato pie recipe they ever tasted and their family loved it.  

While you are at it, make it mobile friendly.  Not everyone  will be glued to a desktop computer.  They are on cell phones, tablets, and laptops.  These devices come in the form of Android, Windows, and iOS.  Your blog needs to be accessible to these devices.

Well, that is it for now and my updates.   One more note about how this is will benefit you:  I would love it if you take a look at all my posts pertaining to the subject of blogging.  Read other articles, watch videos, even go to the library and look it up.  Research before you start.  Do not just dive in, and find it a failure if does not work out.  It does not matter if you have a blog, want to start a blog, a seasoned pro at this, or dare I say it, scare to death about the thought of having one.  My mentor Renae Christine of Rich Mom University always reminds those of us, who takes her courses, and I am studying three of them right now (Rich Mom University, Ultimate Architect, and Pinterest Academy), that it does not hurt to try, what is the worst thing that could happen.  I urge you that if you have not taken the plunge to write a blog, but you have a desire to do so, just do it.  That’s an order, just do it.  You never know where this blogging thing may take you, and you may find it very relaxing and enjoyable.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Large Haul from Swap, Tuesday Morning, Graze, and an Update-Part 2

Large Haul from Swap, Tuesday Morning, Graze, and an Update-Part 2

View Part 1 first if you have not done so.... I recently participated in a swap and received my swap items back. I also have products that bought from Tuesday Morning, Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby (as part of the swap item I made). I also have an update on trying new things (such as jewelry making and my Etsy shop :( Videos Referenced on this video: Previous Video: 3 x 3 Note and Tassel Swap Hosted by ScrapDaWorld - Swap Group I participated in: (Reveal) Paper Tassel Charm and Note Card -Group 5 -

Large Haul from Swap, Tuesday Morning, Graze, and an Update - Part 1

I recently participated in a swap and received my swap items back. I also have products that bought from Tuesday Morning, Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby (as part of the swap item I made). I also have an update on trying new things (such as jewelry making and my Etsy shop :( Videos Referenced on this video: Previous Video: 3 x 3 Note and Tassel Swap Hosted by ScrapDaWorld - Swap Group I participated in: (Reveal) Paper Tassel Charm and Note Card -Group 5 - ___________________________________________________________

Large Haul from Swap, Tuesday Morning, Graze, and an Update - Part 1