Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Go live under a rock

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Note:  This is my status on Facebook.  I am not apologizing for my opinions, because, the opinions of a certain group of people are the anti-teachings of Jesus.   Here goes.

I about to stick my foot in my mouth. I have been reading all these comments about #boycottTarget, and I have to say this: you might as well live in a cave and cut off communication from the world. I do not boycott, unless, it directly affects me. I do not care what a person does behind the wall of a stall in a bathroom. why? because I go in do my business, and unless a woman is screaming in agony. I check all stalls before I enter, and if something is not right, I leave, period.
When I was little, my mom went into the public bathroom with me.  She made sure that no one was there to harm me. She stayed there until I was finished, and we left together. If it was my brother, he went to the ladies’ bathroom, until he was old enough, then either my father went with him and stayed, or if he was with my mom, she stood at the entrance of the men's bathroom until he came out.
Jesus taught us all to love one another, that includes anyone who is different than us. Why should you care what a person's sexual orientation is in the first place? Are you being hit on by anyone who is in the LGBT community? if so, you have a mouth, tell them "no, you are not interested, just like you would tell a heterosexual.
What a person does behind closed doors is their business and theirs alone. STOP TRYING TO DO GOD'S JOB BY BOYCOTTING. Let God take care of those people. You do not want your children exposed to them. You would be surprised how many in the LGBT community your child is exposed to in the first place. If you want to boycott anyone, stop reading AFA articles. They are anti-tolerant of anyone different than them. I am not listening to them. in fact, I never listened to them, because they have articles that are not backed by God's Word, and sprouting off one bible verse does not make it Christian based.
So, this has turned into a mini blog post. unfriend me if you did not like what I said. if someone wants you in a perverted way, they do not need a law to prevent them from going into women's bathroom Just scream for security, or better yet, just leave if you feel unsafe.

I have nothing more to say about my views, and I did not say it to get a pat on the back from the LGBT community, or a “how dare you say that, because, you are a Christian” sneer.  We all have opinions, and it is our job to teach.   I am teaching you to tolerate and rather you turn this controversy into a teachable moment is up to you.  I still feel the same way about my views on homosexuality, but I also feel that I cannot tell them what they are doing is wrong or right.  They are not hitting on me, and I know better as a soon to be a mother and current aunty to teach any child what to do if a stranger approach them, who to get in contact with, and to tell me right away if something is not right with their current situation.  
I put the AFA on the same level as PETA.  They mean well but go way to far in their non-tolerance of people.  It is OK to have views, such as making people aware of cruelty to animals, and making bathrooms safe for women and children.  I am all for that, and much, much more.  I am also against cruelty towards Black people,Christians, and women, abuse of any form, equal education for all children at economic levels and cultures, equal housing, and equal pay for all.  The only thing you will not see me do ever is get in a protest line, because, I feel I can protest in other ways.  I like rallies, which is sort of like a protest, but, I think rallies are more peaceful than a full on, walking down the street, with a possibility of a can of tear gas in your face by the local law enforcement type of protest.

I would love to know what you think.  Has this #boycottTarget movement gone too far, just right, or you do not care either way?  I will not be offended, and no spamming, please.  

Sunday, April 24, 2016


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I often speak about copyrights and ownership on this blog, especially when it comes to images you decide to download and use on your blog or website to make the site prettier, stately, and for drawing traffic.  The correct way of getting to use a particular image on your blog or website is to simply write the person who took the picture in the first place, introduce yourself, and say something like, “Hi, my name is Patricia Logan, and I am a blogger of MAL blog.  I noticed that you have taken a picture of x, I would love to use it in my soon to be released blog post about blogging, which I think your image would go perfectly with it.”  next explain that you always give credit to the person who takes the picture.   If the person says, “sure, thank you for asking”.  No problem.  If the person says, “I charge a small fee for the use of my images.”  Simply ask what that fee is, and determine at that time how valuable is the picture is worth to you. If the person says no, or the price is too high, kindly thank the person, and move on.  It is that simple, right? Not so fast.
A lot of times, people do not think of the time and effort for that photographer takes to find the perfect moment, mood, and angle for that photo session.  I really had to think about it in the past few months, because, I have a few friends who are photographers, and I recently in the past year or so have been dabbling in the art of photography myself.  I do not have all the filters.  In fact, it is just me, my phone or my Ipad, and the subject.  I also have Photoshop and Lightroom on my desktop.  I had a small camera in the past that I absolutely loved, which was an HP point and shot camera.  It is broken from years of use. The last place I took photos was at Disneyland, around San Diego/Los Angeles/San Bernardino/Hollywood, CA, as well as Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, and Indiana.  That was 2007. After that, it was cameras inside of smartphones and tablets.  I really miss the feel of a real camera, and cameras these days’ upload to YouTube just like smartphones and tablets do. If I can find one that is within my budget of $100-$250 but works like it is in the $500-$850 range, I will be happy. 
Anyway, back to copyrights and ownership….
The same thing about copyright and ownership can be said about any posts written, interviews given, videos, or any music download onto Itunes or Spotify music players.  I recently had a reminder of downloaded music with Spotify.  I am a huge Michael Jackson and Prince Fan, I listen to their music all the time, and today, just like I did with Michael and Whitney Houston when they died, I wanted to drown myself into Prince’s music.  I only found a few pieces of his music on Spotify, and on Pandora. 
I remembered reading that he was heavily against sites like these, because if a person listens to the music without paying to download it (and you don’t if you have Spotify free, I have the premium app), the artist does not get paid the royalties that they deserve.  I think according to Prince, an artist gets maybe $.02 of that money, and he thought artists needed to be paid more money.  This is the reason why more musicians do not allow sites like Spotify to have their music.
Anyway, later on, I was thinking what are his lawyers going to do with any unpublished music, which is now put on the backburner permanently, because of Prince’s death today.  I really did not think the executors and overseers handled Michael Jackson’s estate very well, due to all of the unpublished music Michael had, and they did not allow his family to have a say in it at all.  if that was the case, the family would have decided when that last album would have been released, if at all. To me, it was an unfinished album, and Michael was just a pawn for the producers to get what they wanted.  I do not think any of the album money went towards his mother nor his children.
I wanted to see once again how unfinished that album felt, so I went to the Spotify app on my desktop to pull it up, and they got rid of the music.   I am not protesting, but I think Michael’s family or executors must have threatened to take them to court on the album.  
So the moral of the story is, you do not own a single copy of the music on Spotify, Pandora, or Itunes, none of it.  It is not yours, and it never was yours to begin with, you are just borrowing a copy of that song, and Spotify (or whatever site you are listening to music on) has the right to pull that piece of music whenever the artist or executors of their estate pull out the “Sue” card for illegally playing their music.  
Will I stop using Spotify, Itunes, or Pandora?  No, but I am now more aware that I do not own a copy of the remaining music I listen to.  I am merely borrowing it, and I do not have the right to share it with someone else. 

If you want any type of media, such as music or images, and are very creative, take your own photos (unless noted, most of my photos now have my P. Lynne Designs copyright on it), design it, compose it, or pay someone to do it for you.  If you do the latter, do not forget to give them credit for it.  For $5, you can hire someone from Fiverr to do it for you.   

P.S.... RIP Prince, we will miss you, and thank you for offering your talent to the world

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It is a Dog eat Dog World. A word on writing, niche, and business growth.

Not what you think.  Two months ago, nephew #1’s dog had puppies.  Strype has 2 sons, 5 daughters.  Some of the names are:  Cayman, Duchess, Princess, Penelope or Venelope (not sure what niece (7) named her), not sure with the other names are.  Great nephew called them all Scripy (he is 14 months, and trying to say Strype’s name, and cannot say the other names). 
I met all puppies but 2 of them yesterday.  When I first met Strype, she was about the size these new little ones were.  I was also glad she was named for the stripe down her nose, and a great tribute to a previously-owned dog also named Stripe.  We had this Stripe, who was a Beagle mixed with German Shepard for 18 years.  He was family, not saying that Strype and the puppies are not part of our family.  I am a dog lover (more dog than cat).  Other family dogs were PJ (Puppy Junior) a Beagle, who lived with us only a few months, and Victoria, a German Shepard, who lived with us for 4 years in California.   All of them resided with my parents.  I personally have not owned any dogs in my home. 
Now you are wondering what do dogs and puppies have to do with writing.  Dogs are exciting to watch, and if you notice how they react to something new, they get excited, and they are excited about everything, and they want to know about that new thing to the point knocking over anything that gets in the way.  Today, I was at parent’s house, and I went outside to the dogs.  Strype jumped all over me, while Cayman, Duchess, and a puppy’s name I could not remember was grabbing and pulling at my left pant leg.  I never had that experience since Victoria kept knocking me over when I was 4 (she was much taller than me standing up on two legs).  I am sure part of Strype’s jumping were to make sure her puppies are safe from my feet, (she I also a little jealous) while the puppies wanted something to chew on (they are teething after all).  Princess wanted to do her own thing by trying to climb onto the deck through an opening in the railing, which she failed at and gave up.
As new writers, we are excited when anything new comes our way.  We jump at the chance to get noticed and we chew and claw our way to the top.  That goes for Freelancing as well as Journalism.  As we get older in our craft, new people come in and feel the same way.  We fight our way to stay at the top of our game.  For freelancers, client come to see the “pick of the litter” writers, and when they find one they like, it is a match made in heaven or not.  Sometimes, we are like Princess, who finds a different way of getting to where she is want to go, by different means.  Instead of climbing the one step to get onto the deck, Princess chose to go between the wood bars.  As proven, you can either fail and give up, or try something different another day.
If you try doing it your way, just like Princess, do not give up.  In fact, it that does not help, try yet a different way but never sell yourself short.  There are many different ways to achieve the same end goal.  This is how human babies learn to do things when no one is helping them.  It does not have to be the traditional method.
Also, be like the puppies who were chewing at the leg of my pants.  This represents a person who is thirsty for knowledge.  Always want to learn more.  Never settle for less. “The more you learn, the more you know.  The more you know, the more you grow.”  This was a quote I heard in my teens.  This talks about wisdom and knowledge. 
For instance, I am a crafter.  I have talked about it several times on this blog, as well as other blogs.  What if I learned to only glue paper to another surface?  That may be fine, but if I want to teach someone or write about crafting, I can only get so far with just the gluing part.  That does not get very far into the process.  In order to do that, I had to learn how to use tools, different techniques with the appropriate tools and gluing, and even go outside that crafting area to learn how to teach a crafting technique or writing techniques in order to write about it.  sure that last part I should have learned starting in Elementary school and through my parents, but it also took a lot of practice and hard work to get to this point in my life.  This is how most blog posts are born.  Another subject for another post.
So the conclusion of this thing called writing is simple:
1.       Do find a niche.  Be excite about that niche, because, it will come through in your writing.  One tip:  If the post does not feel right, you will know it.  You have a choice to change it or write something else.
2.      Be alert.  There will always people who have started writing before you and people who will start writing after you.
3.      Do not stay in one place.  Always learn from your niche, hobby, and new ways to get your point across.  Always be prepared to teach and to be teachable.  Rules, techniques, and time are always changing.
4.      Find new ways to do something new and different.  It goes back to #2 and 3.
If you are not willing to change with the time, you will not grow in writing and in your niche.  If you do not grow in your niche and business, you will not increase in income nor influence someone else whose life you may not get to change.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I know you mean well, but don’t – Advice gone wrong

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I have been given much friendly advice, such as “look before crossing the street”, “Always say please and thank you”, and my personal favorite, “do not speak unless being spoken to” if there is an “A” and “B” conversation.  It has made things easier for me in life, and in the case of the “Do not speak unless being spoken to”, it has allowed me from being popped in the mouth on many occasions. 
The examples I have given you were given to me in my youth by my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and assorted older adults, and I wish that today’s generation would take it to heart.  Often times, today’s generation tends to take on this, “I know more than you” or “You are behind the times, so get with it” attitude, until I have no words for it.
Advice, when given correctly, can be very helpful, but be very careful of the words that come out of your mouth, because advice, when given incorrectly, can also be very hurtful.
I am sure by now, if you are on social media, have seen the story of a Florida man. who went into a St. Augustine, Florida Starbucks to get coffee.   If you do not know, view the video here.   Basically put, he ordered a Grand White Mocha coffee.  This is my favorite go to coffee flavor at Starbucks.  I usually order a tall, white Chocolate Mocha with soy and very little whip.  It gives me the fix I need (chocolate, caffeine, love).  Anyway, when he received the coffee, the note on the receipt said, “Diabetics Here I Come”.  The man was not very happy with it at all.  He said that it reminded him of his two sisters, who had been suffering since the 2nd and 3rd grades.
He immediately returned it with a note saying, “My 2 sisters suffer from diabetics, not funny.”  Advice gone wrong. 
First off, the barista is there to do one job, and one job only; take orders, and serve the orders. They have gone beyond the basic customer service, and Starbucks did not hire them to be health consultants.  Even if they are studying to be a health practitioner (which I hope they are), it is not their job to be the health police at Starbucks.   Customers do not come in to be babysat on.  They come to relax in the moment.
Second, when you give advice like that, it comes off rude.  That barista may have been health conscious, but then I have to question the reason why they are working there in the first place when a health food store or restaurant would be more suited for them.  You do not know how a person will take the advice, nor what the situation is like in their life. 
Third, the customer could have taken this advice in one of two ways; he could have talked to the manager or to the barista serving the coffee, instead of writing the note.   Obviously, he notified the news after he wrote the note, or Starbucks headquarters would not have commented on the story in the first place.  Sometimes, the media is not the best place to air disagreements.  One thing to note:  The customer could have also thanked the barista for the reminder, and gone about his day.  There are more ways of solving this then using the note method.  Some good and some bad.
Overall, the advice I would give this barista:  Don’t.  Starbucks is not made for that kind of conversation.  You can talk when you get home, about the guy who was one step away from a diabetic coma with your friends and co-workers.  Come in tomorrow with your head held high, and ready to take in the next customer, who in your eyes, is one step away from a diabetic coma, or quit, and work for a health food store or restaurant.  Let customers worry about their own health.  That is what they pay doctors, nurses, and other health people for.  You never know, the customer you sold that coffee to may come in every 6 months for a treat, and that day was your lucky day. 

This is a lesson all of us could use.  I love this line from Disney’s Bambi: “If you cannot say nothing nice, don’t say it at all.”  May I add, “That includes giving advice.” 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Internet GEMS and computing

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I am not sure why I am calling this post “Internet Gems and computing”.  Perhaps when I learn them, they are a gem to me.  You have to realize something.  I am not a Millennial.  I was not born into a push button, selfie world.  Computers came into the home when I was a pre-teen/teen, something like that. I learned a language that went a little like this “10 Print Hello”.  I forgot what it was called.  I was learning how to type on a typewriter.  I played games on an Atari and Nintendo 64.  My first computer was a Radio Shack computer.  I saved things on a floppy disk, and the list goes on and on. 
So when I say things like, “I learned how to delete a blog on Blogger, it is like learning how to drive.  I am going over photos that were saved on CDs, determining what photos to keep, because I am getting a 5 TB (that’s Terabyte) external drive, with 1 TB solely dedicated to photos.  When you are a business, you think about things like this.  I already have 4 cloud storages, but I am decluttering, and I need the space.
Sprinkled throughout the “Interwebs”, as a person Awesomely Luvvie coins the internet, are my comments on how much I love learning Photoshop.  Illustrator and InDesign are next on my list, and should be starting soon.  I am learning how to create a website without coding.  How is that possible?  My bestie friend Renae Christine from Rich Mom University is showing me how.   Yes, I could have paid hundreds of dollars for someone to make my website, but I am a hands-on type of person.  It is no fun to hand your precious “baby” over to someone, and when they try to explain to you what they did, the language goes over your head.  No fun at all. This way I know what I want, what I to put on my website/blog, and if something goes wrong, I can fix it, instead of waiting until the next morning.  I do not have time for that, and neither do my customers.
So these are my GEMs.  No acronym.  In case you are wondering which blog I deleted, it was my Disney blog.  I have something better than the sad, pitiful, neglected blog I was posting. The other two (Simply Organized Crafts and P. Lynne Designs) blogs are being reformatted to a self-hosted WordPress (I am working on that), and as soon as I do that, I am merging this blog (still a separate blog) into P. Lynne Designs.  The last blog (Tricia’s Baskets) will be part of Simply Organized Crafts, but again a separate blog.  This will give me the privilege to delete my Blogger account (I think), but overall Google will not have their paws on them.

So you are wondering why I wrote this… That is the big thousand-dollar question.  Stay tuned.

Monday, March 7, 2016

I’m done, move it along people

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I was cruising along, minding my own business (OK, I was being nosey), when I came across this news feed on Facebook (my version of Fox News): “Jada Pinkett Smith responds to Chris Rocks’ Jokes at the Oscars.” Let me fill you in… she has moved on.  Time to come out and play.
I am done.  All this hype of about boycotting the Oscars, which I was going to boycott anyway.  My reasons were different from Jada’s reason.  I think that the Oscars have been a little bit over the top in recent years, and to me, I will always have my favorites, and no little statue can tell me any different.  I am going to see my favorite actor no matter what they are in (except anything that is against my values), even if I am the only one in the theater or wait until that movie comes on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or On Demand.  It does not matter if the actor is black, white, blue, or green though I tend to have a little more favoritism towards the black actors.
I have read the comments on how Will Smith is not that good of an actor to deserve a nod on the carpet for Concussion or any movie that he has done in the past.  That is a matter of opinion.  Some say that he, Jada, and the kids are weird.  Come to think of it, most people in Hollywood (or Hollyweird) are strange.  You have to be strange and open to new things and people, in order to play someone or something different from your personality. 
To that, I say I blame the writers and producers in the industry.  They are out of touch and have no concept of the make-up of people in this country or this world.  They go by what sells. 
Take Zoe Saldana.  She was recently picked to play Nina Simone in an up and coming movie.  I have no doubt that she is a good actress.  She can play a wide range of movie role based on her looks alone.  Nina Simone, who was a dark-skinned poet and Jazz singer, is best known for her song, “To be Young, Gifted, and Black”, and the subject of my last post (as well as my pastor’s sermon last week), is being played by Saldana, who is light-skinned and mixed.  Now, I have a slight problem only to ask the question, “were there no dark-skinned actresses who were talented enough to play Ms. Simone?” My other question is, “Why are we playing the race card again within our own race?”  For years, as far as I remember hearing about, there has always been a fight among ourselves, “light-skinned V. dark-skinned”.  It was even during the time of slavery.  Please stop this once for all.  I never had a problem because I am in the middle.  I was born, what I like to call, “milk-chocolate”, a combo of a dark-skinned father and a light-skinned mother and having a severe case of eczema as a child.  If it wasn’t for eczema, I could actually go either way on the issue.  This skin condition darkens the skin.
Ok, I have now gotten to the point of rambling so I will end this post.  The conclusion to all of this and my further thoughts… who cares.  Jada has moved on, and so should we.  We all know how America thinks about Black America in the first place.  This should not be news, but we (including me) make a big deal out if a situation, which goes beyond a little statue that to me is a glorified door stopper.  In fact, some actors say after the first 2 or 3 statues they win, they do not know where to put them in their home, so they rent out storage. It is kind of that sports trophy you won as a child.  Yes, if you have that statue in your hand, producers and directors will consider you for more roles, and writers will want to write characters with you in mind.  The problem is that they think that black America has nothing to offer but violence. 
This is probably one of the reasons why Bill Cosby (haters, sorry I brought up his name) created The Cosby Show, which shows that the black family is like the average American family, BUT he does not define the family.  Besides that, I hate to say this, but Caucasian America, you have some crazy stuff going on in your families, too, which most back families would not touch with a 10-feet pole.  It is happening now in our families, only because we want to be like you, and we want this thing called equality.
So now we are back to the Will Smith family being weird.  They are only weird because they want to blend in, and black people are not used to that.  They do not want to see the movies and shows they are in because black America has felt segregated for a long time, and the closer we get to “getting ours”, the further white American pulls away. 

It would be nice if everyone had equal arrests (preferred no arrests), equal opportunities of employment, getting loans, housing in the same neighborhoods, friendships, marriages without judgement of the couple, but until that happens, there will always be that inequality among races, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.   The best way to combat this is to turn towards God and love yourself, so you can learn to love others,

Friday, March 4, 2016

Are things tumultuous or calm right now in your life? Why do you think the energy is balanced this way?

Calm or tumultuous?
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I am not starting my March writings in the right way.  I wanted to welcome you in the only way I could, which is to have a big flashy sign that read, “Welcome to March”.  But instead, you go this writing prompt, LOL.
Ok, enough, I am in a silly mood. Welcome to March, and at BlogHer, my favorite place to find writing prompts when the mind is stuck.  This month’s theme is about “Energy”.  Tuesday’s topic has asked me if things in my life are “Tumultuous” or “Calm”?  The second part is why do I think it is that way.
At first, I had to think about that word, “tumultuous”, but it is a word that I personally do not use in my vocabulary (I need more big words in my life).  It simply means, “crazy”, “chaos”, or “screwy”.  I can say this my life is not calm.  I wish it was.  I wish my life right now is at a place where I am not up at 4:30 am writing posts because I cannot sleep.  My mind is racing, and thinking.  Here is the reason why I feel that way (that is the second part of this question)
I am have tossed myself in many directions in the past 4 years.  I have been questioning things like my faith, my life, my business, and my finances.  I have been questioning other things such as “How did I get to 50 so fast?”  “Why don’t I have a house by now?” “Why am I delaying adoption (now turned into foster care)?  “What up with my creativity lately?” “What am I afraid of when it comes to finding the right man in my life to date and marry?”  These are all the questions I have of myself.  I feel like people such as friends and family are passing me by.  I know what I want in life, but sometimes I am so confused.  I do want to succeed. 
I want to be that mom to a child whose birth mom abandoned.  Not necessary a pre-teen or a teen.  I know, I can hear people now asking me, “why not an older child?”  one of my aunts at Thanksgiving asked me that question.  I never got a chance to have a child in the formative years, and I just want to be able to teach this kid, not that I cannot teach an older child.  It is just that an older child has been trained to think a certain way, and any damage done to the child is hard to undo.  I have watched my foster sister go through that.  She was 6 when she came into my family’s lives, and I can say that she is a damaged person at 27 with 2 kids.  I try to help when I can. So do my parents, who she still calls mom and dad.
I want to be the best for God.  That means help others when I can and understanding what He wants from me, which is to obey what his word says in the bible.  He wants me to be happy.  He wants us all who believe to be happy.  I feel like sometimes I have overwhelmed myself, and that is when I have to step back a minute.  I have business, family, church, and my own person life to deal with, so my life is full, but not full enough.  I have room for other people (such as a baby and a mate) (Ohh, mate sound so Klingon-ish like). 
Yes, my life at the moment is not calm, and I doubt in the next 20 or so years it will be (especially if I am going to be 71 by the time this kid graduates).  And if any wants to know, yes I am asking for a child between 0-12 years of age.  I have my options since I am dealing with nephews and a niece ages 1,5, 7, 8, and 20.