Friday, August 31, 2012

I can sleep now...

MTV (Photo credit: Gnal)
That MTV has cancelled The Jersey Shore.   It is about time.  I just read it on Facebook.   This show has four of the worst people next to The Kardashian's.   This reiterates what I said the other day about reality shows, and I do not know why I keep missing the mark on how bad this show actually is.  MTV fired them just in time after Snooki's bambino arrived.  It was nothing but a waste of bad air, and I often wondered what took MTV so long to realize it.  If I had to choose between them and a root canal, I would take the root canal any of the week, month, or year.
So with that bit of news making me feel good enough to have sweet dreams, I can say now these people can get a REAL job.  Hum, I am trying to picture Snooki as a teacher.  Nay, MTV is keeping her.  Now what?
Have a wonderful day, and be blessed everyday.
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