Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am not perfect...

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But I am doing my best.. I often get my inspiration from what others write, and draw on that.  I have also often said that I write about what I have observed, witnessed, read and done, and these observations are true and justified.  Well, today it observation is from a disclaimer read on an email from Lisa, who is a mompreneur.  Before I give you the quote, a mompreneur is a woman, who is a mom and an entrepreneur. She writes an e-book titled Get Famous.  It is a book about how moms can stay at home and still make extra money like blogging.   First of all, I feel sort of left out of this field, because I am not a mom, and for some reason, being an aunt (or aunty as called by my little crew of 4) does not have that some holding power as being a mom, and it is even worst since I am single.   I love the fact that society and the internet has lacked onto this thing with moms, but us childless women need love too.   Ok, enough with the pity party, back to the quote.
The quote reads:

"Disclaimer:This message brought to you by a woman flaws and all.  It's come to my attention that I sometimes make grammatical errors or misspellings. Feel free to correct me as some of my girlfriends do however if you'r snippy about it then this disclaimer is for you : I'm a mom, business owner and  run the house. I'm sure you are to. I'm busy and most times balance waffles with Matilda and wheels on the bus while I type my notes. I'm trying to get  this killer content to you asap and in my excitement I occasionally make mistakes.  If it upsets you - Get over it ;) And I mean that in the sweetest way. "
She basically admitting that she is human, and that you have the right to correct her.   Well I am claiming the same thing.  If there is something I have said on the social media or in my blogs, or if I am slow at getting things to you, it is because I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Just  like Lisa's disclaimer says, if it upsets you, please get over it.  I am trying to say it nicely too.   Between trying to juggle what seems now 4 jobs at once (MDN Creates, Tricia's Baskets, writing assignments, and now affiliate marketing), I often forget to write daily in my blogs, call someone to remind them about a pottery sale, or make thank you cards for a friend who needs them.   This is the first month I am doing quite well, and hopefully I can get people to guest post on all of my blogs (especially next week when I will be out of town on a much needed vacation), so that is why I agree with her.  I am in the process of finding to fill out paperwork to become a mom.  That will carry its own set of interesting topics, such as "The social worker said what about my home."  
I often think about things that I have to do to stay true to myself, and try not to upset the apple cart too much.  For to say that I am a single woman, I play taxicab to my sister who has no car, running over to my parent's house to see my newest nephew get into everything while his over there or to help mom with something.  I also have run over to the church for meetings or choir rehearsal, and finally sometimes I have to do things for my business.  Sometimes I made the mistake of doing something that I should not have, such as getting into an online argument with someone on Facebook because their views are totally different from mine. When you finally un-friend them, they find a way to message you anyway to finish out the argument five days after you have moved on.  How about this one:  You made a charge on one of your credit cards, and the company find a way to get you to pay for it years later, even though you do not owe them anything and they want to sue.  They cannot get any money from you because you are unemployed, but you want to pay them just to shut them up.  Those are the other kind of mistakes.  I am not perfect and neither is the world.    Have a blessed day, every day.

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