Monday, April 2, 2012

It could not happen soon enough, but it is needed, badly


I am so glad when things happen for a reason.  I do not know why, but sometimes it does.   I have not been getting the same warm reception I received with this blog that I received with my other two blogs, Tricia's Baskets and MDN Creates.   I realize that saving money is an acquired taste; you either do it, or go home.   It is up to the individual to decide if and when they want to do this task. Some do it gradually, like me, while others start at a maximum speed, and get it done while family and friends watch the change overnight in amazement.   For me, it comes with a price:

I have sprinkled too many topics in this blog.

I know what I have to say but I have to do this: I need to split up the family.   What do I mean?   I saying (and I am not doing a very good job in saying it) the topic that were meant for this blog, stays on this blog.   The other topics?  They are going to a new blog.   Two new blogs in three months wow.   Dare I say three new blogs?   OK, three it is.   Here is the breakdown of my blogs:

MDN Creates:  that is a given.  It has been in my life since January 2009, and I am loving every moment of it.   I can use a little bit more fans (Ok, a thousand or so, lol).  I am currently sitting at 172 followers from the last blog hop I have done.

Tricia's Baskets:  This too is a given.   I have been selling Longaberger for 10 years, dealing with everything from what the company has allowed me to say on this blog, to my own way of thinking of how to introduce to this company to some, and give my best to those who know the company.   I do need a fan base with this one (8 followers at last count).

My blessed life:  If course you know the struggles of getting this off the ground.   I have asked last week on Facebook for people to go to this blog, and give their honest option.   At first, I did not think anyone was paying attention, and then I got three responses.   The first person said that people do not pay blogs any attention no more, and I was wasting my time.   The second person said that they do agree with the response.  Yes, they are still my Facebook friends.   I value all opinions, rather I agree with it or not.  I may add to that response, “the blog market is oversaturated, but according to some experts I have been reading lately, they are like static sites, you just to find your niche, and give a reason why people should return to the blog each week.”  With that, I give you what a friend of mine said to me yesterday.  She basically told me that I had too many topics on this blog, and I happen to agree.   In one month (well two), I have hit you with a review on a show I watch, coupon deals, signups, referrals,  death of three iconic people (even though one of the write-ups was a snippet), how to shop, and how to plan a vacation.  The list goes on and on (trust me, I have the sheet to prove it), and now I am posting about changing the blog.  

Introductions are in order

The first blog will be called I’m Kicking and Screaming all the way to the Bank, with a subtitle, “…Laughing to keeping my dignity with family and friends.   Let’s face it folks, no one, and I mean no one likes to be told that they spend too much money on things that they need.   I am one of those people who cringe every time I hear someone like Suze Ormen (I think I have the spelling right) say, “If you have bills, you cannot afford to get xyz.”  Sometimes I feel like the woman wants us to sit around and do nothing but pay our debts.   There is a way to do both.  I do not know what it is yet, but I am learning.   I am learning from my own mistakes in life.   I feel like this; what is wrong with having fun, and still pay bills.  If you count utilities, you will always owe for a bill, but you can have a savings, even it is one or two cents a day.  Yes, I know it is hard, because I feel it.  After all, I still want an Ipad, and I still want to go on vacation.   I am trying to save for both, and I am trying different avenues to do it in.   Well that is all I have to say about KASATWTTB.  You will have to turn in and see.

My second blog is called, “Tripping on Disney Fun.”   It is based on my own personal journal of planning my family’s vacation.   I am the resident Disney fan in my family.  Yes, they like it, and they think it is way too expensive.   We are still going.  With the blog version, I am on a quest:  To show you how to make, not only Disney, but any trip fun and exciting, even one dayers.   I will have fun facts about Disney, The United States, and beyond. (Who knows I might still be living when they allow civilians to take the first moon flight, LOL).  We will see.

So what is going to be in this blog now that I have separated the family:   Inspiration and writing?  Inspirational writing.  Who knows?   I think God was trying to tell me something with my poll numbers.   I think He was saying, “Patricia you are not getting it.”  He’s right, I was not getting it.  So after I get back from my stamp club meeting (not that kind of stamp club, rubber stamping club), I am moving the articles to their prospective places, and I will see if that helps.   I will also have links to the side.  Until then I will see you.