Monday, February 1, 2016

Tell us what hobby you want to begin.

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Hello, and Welcome to February.  January started off nice and smooth for me and this 366-day writing journey.  I hit some bumps along the way.  Not at all what I expect it to be, but I have made it to the other side.  Today is a new day for me.
So, I decided for this month, I am going back to one of my old habits, and take on writing prompts.  In a separate post, I will explain why writing prompts are good and why they are bad.  I use to post my take on the writing prompts, Blogher used to have.  They never went away, I just got bored of them.  This is one of the reasons why you should not do writing prompts every day (just a little tease of what’s to come).  So while I love this month’s prompts from Blogher, I am not going to do them every day.  In fact, Blogher does not have the prompts for all, in this case, 29 days.  They allow you to have free rein to write whatever you want on Saturday and Sunday. 
This month’s prompt is about Passion, and not just the one kind, which is your true lover.  They will be talking about all kinds, and today, they want to know about that hobby you never tackled. 
I can truly say that I am living out my passion.  I started out wanting to know how to scrapbook and make cards.  I love doing it, and it turned into my business.  I am working on the nuts and bolts to run this business called P. Lynne Designs, and I love seeing my baby grow up.  I always talk about how I am really going about this business backwards.  Even though I have been in business for 5 years (2010), I am just getting started as far as have the proper registration of my business name, a business checking account, a vender’s license (because in the State of Ohio you need one) and so forth.  It can be quite overwhelming when you think about it, but as they say, “slow and steady wins the race”, and that is what I am shooting for.

My other passion is Marketing.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, but I only had a chance to use what they taught me only a few times.  Marketing is always changing, and it is one of the few trends you have to keep on your toes with, or you will be left behind.  I fell into one corner of marketing, and that is graphic design.  It goes hand and hand with the skills I learned from crafting, but it also involves computers.   Computers lead to Social Media and then you have a full circle moment.   I am on almost every social media out there at the moment, and now starting my second part of this stalled career, and it begins with Photoshop.

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